Soul Curry

Our Blog today is called ‘Soul Curry’, and features short stories from our South Asian community, written in their own voices. The power of stories come when people extend themselves and perform an act of love, service or courage for family, friends and even strangers. They create an image in our minds, touch our hearts... Continue Reading →

A Lifetime of ‘Seva’

Our story today features Kumud Kamran, a woman of true ‘Seva’ or service to her immediate and extended circle of family, friends and community. Her home was affectionately coined Grand Central Station by her children, as the doorbell was always ringing, someone was ‘stopping by’ to drop something off, pick something up or just to... Continue Reading →

This Grandma Is Unbelievable

Our story today features the versatile Sarla Arora, grandma extraordinaire and dynamic 83 year old. Sarla was born in 1939 in Multan, Pakistan. She came from a large family of 8, 5 sisters and 3 brothers. After Independence, the family left everything behind and moved to the Punjab, close to Delhi. Her father was a... Continue Reading →

Good Will Ambassador

Our story today features Prakash Puram, the moniker ‘Prakash’ metaphorically designating the bearer as a source of ‘enlightenment or wisdom’. For his family and friends, Prakash has made this world a better place, through the illumination, guidance and help he has selflessly provided all his life. In celebration of his 60th birthday, an 85 page... Continue Reading →


Our story today showcases the culinary skills of Asha USA’s ‘Hum Group’ members. Under the banner of AshaUSA, and in keeping with its mission of health and harmony, the ‘Hum Group’ program, supported generously by the Dr. Dash Foundation, was launched August 2014. It was ideated by residents of the local community, as an arena... Continue Reading →

My Little Fighter

Our story today features the heartwarming saga of Rijuta Pathre, and her 43 year quest, to give her daughter and other children born with severe mental and physical disabilities, a life that all children enjoy. “I see a young bud blooming into a new personality. She is not the unreachable soul with a twisted body.... Continue Reading →

“I’m paid to go fishing everyday, and I never know what I am going to catch! It puts a smile on my face every day I come to work”.

Our story today features Dr. Asgi Fazleabas, University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University, and a renowned expert in female reproduction. Asgi is recognized world-wide for his outstanding contributions to ‘Women’s Health’. His service to the scientific world has been most significant through his research, major leadership positions in scientific communities, serving on ‘Federal Grant... Continue Reading →

How My Nervous System Became My Cup Of Tea

Our story today features the accomplished Niloufer Merchant, a Minnesota resident of thirty-one years, activist and advocate for underserved populations. TEDx St CLOUD On October 14, 2021, Niloufer reached a significant milestone in her multifaceted life journey, when she gave a Tedx Talk to an audience of 500+. This journey began in British Aden, and... Continue Reading →

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